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RoundX for startups

  • 1. Pitch
  • 2. Meet
  • 3. Evolve

Send us your pitch! If you want to lift off, your business needs visibility.

 Meet us! Prepare a good presentation, get ready for negotiate your deal.

Hands shaken! Enjoy our support to help your growth and focus on your future!

Tell us your idea! We are sector and geography agnostic!

Join the MeetX and co-invest!

What is it? A FREE monthly online syndication event of 1h, to see pre-screened and talented startups.

Why? Exploit the community effect to get into deals with lower tickets and to see startups out of your reach.

How it works? Choose your startup and we make you get straight into the deal! We do the dirty job for you!

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For startups: “how to” guide

Our perimeter of research is very wide: we span from initiatives just tested on the market, thus MVP phase, to scale-up stage.

We are also sector and geography agnostic.

Anyway, if you think you are out of this perimeter, we always strongly recommend to send us your pitch: life is not black and white and there’re always some exceptions.

As we say everywhere and everytime:

  1. Pitch: send us your pitch and all the relevant materials you think are necessary for us to evaluate your business (balance sheet, unit economics, etc.)
  2. Meet: if your business fits our portfolio strategy, we’ll invite you to make a call with us.  Whatever is gonna be the outcome of the meetings, we’ll keep in touch for future updates. 
  3. Evolve: if we like your startup and we’ve found an agreement, then just work hard and exploit all the benefits of being sponsored by RoundX.

Moreover RoundX is the only company who support startup growth that has a patented method for help startups scale called KLEAN (knowledge, liquidity, expertise, advisory, network).

According to the startup needs and agreements we intervene in one or multiple aspects.

The MeetX

The MeetX is a monthly online syndication event of 1 hour, where the most promising startups are presented to our Community.

Investors only need to express their interest and RoundX will do the dirty job for you in order to get into the deal.

Being a MeetX member is free and it will always be!

How to get in? It’s pretty easy: fill up the form at this page and you be contacted with an invitation for next MeetX event.


We will never get tired to mention it: we are sector agnostic!

We do believe in diversification of investments.


As for the sector, we are geography agnostic.

It would be dumb to believe that best opportunities comes from one or few countries only…


This is actually our real hedge: 6 founders coming from 6 different fields, compensating each other in making the most complete due diligences you’ve ever heard from.

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